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Friday, February 11, 2005


$ 203.90 Siri 2

In spite of my abundant workload here at IU with cases, projects, homework, and not to mention tests, and exam as well, which seem to be endless(uuuu...how deeply in love I'm with Kelley ;p), I found out that spending time 'blogging wouldn't hurt me at all, hihih....lalalalala...

*Sila meneliti masukan sebelum masukan ini untuk memahami perkara yang akan saya perkatakan. ( Please read the previous entry in order to understanding what I'm gonna tell you guys) ;p

I glanced at my rear-side mirror, ooo...there seemed to be another car who was definitely in rush'. And for a second, I was pretty sure that the car was going to pass me, so I changed my lane to the right lane. I glimpsed back, the white car changed its lane too "waiddemenet...I just gave you some room dude, so g..." and that was when I saw the blinking red, blue light entertaining the environment of the afternoon.

Weeyy, you guys can not judge me by being that blind, not seeing that it was a police car at the first place. For your information, it was a foggy day, the car was white, and without that 'romantic' blue, red light, the car just seemed like a regular GM car to me. And...and...it was a foggy day.
Okay, I already said that, but I am out of ideas rite now.

After I realized what was really going on, of course, I pulled over. You guys know the drill.
==>The police guy came to your car==> you rolled down your window,
==>the guy said, "Can I have your driver's license please?". ==>Then you gave your license to him, and he would ask some more questions.
==>"You were driving 92 miles per hour in a 75 miles zone. What was the rush?". ==>"Ooo...oo...nak cakap apa nih, nak cakap apa nih. Bebudak nih sume tengah mamai2 baru bangun tido la pulak. Kalau cakap, No English, No English cam tak logic la pulak since dah kasik lessen time dia tanya tadik".

So, I uttered the most thinkable thing that came into my mind since I already rehearsed it. "Well, you see...we're heading to Albuquerque to see its pink sunset, and we are run out time, coz we have to be there before 5 pm". Then I blanked. I only rehearsed until that part, duhhh....

Well, long story becomes short, I was called into the guy's police car, eheh. So, I can be pretty pround with myself since that was the first time I sat on a front seat of a police car. ;p We had our private moment in that car, we chit chat a little while, and I tried to cajole him with all my muka kesian, but that didn't seem to work out as planned. And than I realized that the car was equipped with cameras and all those crappy things, which means that our conversation was being monitored. We closed our conversation by me thanking him for a $203.90 ticket, only by speeding at 92 miles per hour. At that time, I felt like doing something real *naughty, if you know what I'm saying..huhuhuhuh... $203.90 boleh buat belanja makan sebulan laa, tau tak Inspector Sahaab?

When we stopped at a gas station, I called my mom, telling her that I was in New Mexico. Of course, we missed the pink sunset, and by the way I didn't think they have that kind of sunset anymore since all we've seen along the way was dusty air all around the place. And before we end our chit chat, I told my mom about the $203.90 and the whole incident, and I 'membebel' about the amount of the fine that was supposed to be paid. I thought she was gonna say something like, "Laaa...ye ke, itu la Along, dah..lepas ni jangan bawak keta laju-laju lagi..", or something like that.

Instead, what she said was "Mak rasa Along tak banyak sedeqah kot,sebab tu kena saman tu". And I stunned. I suddenly realized the sentence she just expressed was a complete truth. My mistake was not merely speeding, but also not paying attention to what I am supposed to do in an implicit way. How dare me, with the money I spent for the travel, I should have cared to spend it on other people too. Sometimes, when we forget some other things that we are obliged to do as a Muslim, although yang sunnah pun, Allah will fling an event, send a person, or hurl a sign that shows that He cares that we are forgetting our obligation. Sometimes when we forget, somebody else will come along to make us remember. We have this saying from Rebutia "Everthing happens for a good reason". I love how my mom's mind works. I am truly blessed for having a mom like her, Puan Fathiah Abdullah. :)

Sungguhpun tak sampai hajat nak tengok pink sunset di Albuquerque, alhamdulillah dapat pergi Yosemite yang cantiknya berkali-kali kali ganda daripada pink sunset yang entahkan wujud entahkan tidak tu

Inilah dia El Kapitan yang orang dok cakap-cakap tu, siapa tak tau El Kapitan tu apa, dia bukan mesra alam

Pelbagai halangan nak masuk Yosemite nih, sampai tayar pun kena pakai rantai sebab snow sesangat tebal dan licin

Salah satu air terjun dekat Yosemite, nak naik jalan ni adalah jatuh dua tiga pinggang

Ini adalah jalan raya di Oklahoma, tempat bersejarah. Gambar ini bukan hak milik penulis, dan penulis hanya mencurik gambar ini dari google sesuka hati

posted by Hana' at 2/11/2005 06:27:00 AM |