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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Assalamualaykum wht,

Kari - Pap

My husband is a huge fan of a Malay traditional kuih; the curry-puff.
He likes it so much, he even asked his mother to send him the 'tool-to-lipat-karipap-without-having-to-'kelim'' thingy when he was studying in the States, so that he can make his own karipap for our Malaysian events.

For the past few months, a trip to the makcik karipap's stall at our pasar malam each Saturday is a must. Until recently, that makcik has decided to sell his karipap at RM 2 for 5 pieces.

Amboih, ini sudah tidak boleh jadi, karipap pasar malam pun boleh naik rege sesuka hati kaa.. Ini bukan soal mampu atau tidak beli karipap 40 sen sebijik, ini soal maruah, harga diri dan kepercayaan kita terhadap sistem jual-beli Malaysia yang adil. Kita mesti mau boikot ini makcik, tak payah dah beli karipap dia.

After a few weeks or so of no more trip to the makcik karipap's stall, and after I thought that hubby still needs his weekly dose of karipap, I decided..well, we can make our own karipap. With more fillings, thinner skin, more quantity and at a much cheaper price.

The un-cooked fillings: potatoes & chicken & rempah-ratus

The expert in menguli the dough - the muscular husband...off course

By was showing off his skills

Tadddaaaa..... kelim pakai tangan je tau

Before going into the freezer

Hendak seribua daya, tak hendak....
terpaksa la beli jugak karipap makcik 40 sebijik tu.

posted by Hana' at 1/23/2008 02:21:00 PM |


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Assalamualaykum wht,


I had a dream last night that someone was trying to enter our new house in Gombak (yes, we have moved to our own place, people! makcik suke..makcik suke...) I called a cop and within 3 seconds a police car was already parked in front of the gate. I told the man in blue that I saw someone trying to break into the house and there were a bunch of drug addicts gathering around near next to house.

Came morning and all I remembered was nothing significant.

And then I received a call from By after an hour at the office, asking if I had taken his white sport shoes. Sah-sah la... babab karang bebudak nakal nih. I'll call the cops for real nanti.. haaisshhh... you don't mess with my husband's feet and his shoes, wokeyh...


Hanna Potter and the First-Born Child

Moving on, my baby-in-the-belly is already 24-weeks now. We had the last check-up early December and we think we already know the baby's gender by then...but let's talk about that later. :)

At 24 weeks the fetus:

  • has fully developed eyes
  • has a hand and startle reflex
  • is forming footprints and fingerprints
  • is forming alveoli in lungs

Having a first child is pretty amazing eah? It's the time when we start developing emotions that we never thought we would have before. No wonder I feel that my parents were being tough mostly on me compared to my other siblings.

I remembered when I was 11 or is it 12 years old, my 2 brothers and I were just coming back from the school. My brothers were teasing me with some guy in the bus with something like 'Along dah ada pakwe..along ada pakwe' (yeah, right....like talking to a guy with one sentence already considered me having a boyfriend :p). And my dad heard it.

So he called me into my parents bedroom, with the accompany of my mom.

He sit on the bed and and pulled me to sit on his lap.

Abah : Betul ke along dah ada pakwe?

Me : Eeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiii..mana ada, diorang tu saje ngengada-ngada. Eeeeeiiii..geli la ngan budak laki (ye ke aku cakap camnih..kehkehkeh)

Abah : Along jangan ada pakwe-pakwe tau...Belajar elok-elok...blablablabla...(ila akhir ayat).

So, i listened to him (sortof). I had not have any boyfriend whatsoever until I came to the States and I was already 19 years old when I met my husband (only to be my senior back then..heh)

Even when I talked to my dad about my so-called senior through the phone, he just went mad and say something like 'i don't wanna hear about him anymore'.

And i couldn't believe myself when I know that all my siblings already have boyfriend/girlfriend (even my youngest 11 years old brother dah ada makwe) and my parent seems ok with it. Even my 17 years old sister shares the same matrix with her boyfriend (kira pakwe makwe dari sekolah menengah pegi matriks sama-sama la nih). My parents still pokpek pokpek but they still think every thing's under control. They can even joke about it. It doesn't seem fair, does it?

However, when I came to my dad's office in UTM, I saw something that made my eyes blinked with tears. Up on a his grey steel cabinet, there stood a round wall clock that I presented to him when I was 9 or 10 years old. The clock was yellow in-color, decorated with fancy faces of Mickey and Minne Mouse. It was hideous looking from my adult point of view. I couldn't remember why i chose the clock for my dad in the first place. And the clock was not even the main thing that started to startle me. At the center of the clock was a passport size picture of a 9-year-old me, in a crooked pink tudung, selekeh, tak comel langsung...

And that point of time had made me realized that my dad loves me the most..hahahah (perasan - but why didn't i see my other siblings' picture plastered anywhere in my dad's office..why..why..why...? haaaa...)

Okey, my point is, I think, I, as most of parents all around the world, will become obsessed with my first born child. I'm not sure it that's a good thing or not. But my last weekend's experience of shopping for my baby's first shirt and pants, almost took me an hour! Itu kaler tak lawa la, ini ada bintik-bintik tak cantik la... Itu belum cari taska, cari tadika, cari sekolah, cari university, cari kerja, cari husband/wife.....adoi...

Ya Allah, semoga Engkau tunjukkan kami jalan yang Engkau Redhai...

posted by Hana' at 1/02/2008 01:45:00 PM |