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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan

Sebetulnya saya mahu mengalu-alukan kedatangan Ramadhan sejak minggu yang lepas, tapi..terima kasih kepada TM net, setiap kali selepas hujan pasti connection internet kami hilang tanpa berita.

Alhamdulillah, dalam perjalanan meniti hari ke-3 Ramadhan yang mulia.
Kemanisannya terasa, bergetar di jiwa. Bertambah manis bila kaki mula lenguh2 menjelang terawikh.

Sahur pertama kami suami isteri nasik berlaukkan sotong masak lemak cili api yang sudah sedia di masak malam sebelumnya. Kononnya mahu diteruskan bersahur menu normal sebegitu untuk sahur seterusnya. Hajat tak kesampaian bila hari kedua dan ketiga kami hanya meratah roti gardenia wheatgerm apricot dengan milofuze sahaja ..hohoho.
Saya isteri yang tidak sempurna.
Tak mengapalah, asal keberkatan sahur itu ada kan by?

Teruja bila mendengar Ammar imami terawikh di Masjid Guar Perahu, malam berikutnya pula Amir sempurnakan 20 rakaat.
Saya masih ingat pertama kali hafiz 17 tahun kami mengimami terawikh di masjid kampung itu, mak yang uzur syar'ie sanggup tunggu didalam kereta sepanjang terawikh demi mendengar Ammar mengalun Sa'd al-Ghamidi.

Semoga Ramadhan ini Ramadhan yang terbaik untuk kita.
Dan menjadikan kita yang lebih baik.

- Ramadhan Kareem -

posted by Hana' at 9/26/2006 10:44:00 AM |


Saturday, September 16, 2006


Every Little Thing

Scattered about are seven purple stars
Thoughts are brought together by each
Crushing our cry out for love
Unable to escape from it
We cling to our dreams
We won't lose anymore to the everyday trickery

Wake up right now
Soon we seem to be surrounded
By the real world choking us

Who is dear....to you?

In the luxury world,
Shards of eternity are appearing and disappearing
Touch and seize it,
Now let's precisely walk this way


Gonna be having an IU reunion on Sunday's afternoon, right before catching a flight to Miri at 7 pm for a meeting that my boss didn't want to attend. Yes, always figure that I have to 'sapu' anything my superiors don't want or don't like to do. I'm still enjoying it and expecting myself to love doing so since I told myself to believe that it is in the job description. (^-^).


Expecting to meet some Pakcik, Makcik, Dato and Datin in the reunion. By is pretty excited about it, heh. :p

not so much.
Because I'm gonna have to rush down to the airport for a meeting that I have no idea about!!

posted by Hana' at 9/16/2006 02:21:00 PM |


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Feeling Blue

Assalamualaykum wht,

Met a recently graduated undergrad student from UK last weekend when he and his family came over to check out By's new babe. By wanted to get rid of this one to get an easy rider. So, if anyone's interested to buy a hotty like this, please contact me or By la ye.
Okey, back to this mamat. He commented that many of his friends aren't going back home to Malaysia; instead they're more contented working, living, and continuing to live in their own comfort zones. Kindda triggered me remember my life in Bloomington.

Hoowwy yes living in the states is bliss. The salary is tremendous, the environment/weather is magnificent not like Malaysia yang kalau-tak-hujan-panas-kalau tak-panas-hujan, the shopping is magnificent, the stuff are cheap, the people are polite, the customer service is perfect, and the feeling is independent. Yang last ni yang mahal nih.

Here are some examples happened in Malaysia to support my premise:

Goody and Stuff

Malaysia : We spent like half of our savings to buy furniture and equipments for our
new home. Plus the food in Tanjung Malim is quite crazy too mengalahkan
KL. We took a loan to buy our own car.

US : We spent like couple of dollars to buy food every week and that was it.
We could get beautiful furniture and sometimes paintings from the
dumpsters outside the apartment. All we need was big muscles to carry the
stuff into our house. Cars can be sold and bought without any complexity;
the cheapest decent car I got was $ 500.

Customer Service

Malaysia : I went to a crowded post office in Bukit Mertajam to ask a question
"Kalau nak beli sampul post express, kena beratur ke, boleh amik kat
kaunter stem je?" to a makcik who was sitting in a closed counter. No
answer. I asked again. No answer. I thought for a simple question like
that she may able to help the customer even though the counter was
closed. I asked for the third time. No answer, dia boleh buat bodo je. I
hate you makcik post office government yang malas nak layan orang, your
customer service is zero. (Phewww...am I glad to push it out of my
system after 6 months terperap in my stomach)

US : Makcik post office in Bloomington was really friendly, we chit-chatted
while waiting for my forms to be processed. She asked me if I have a
boyfriend, blablabla...girl's talk la pulak. We couldn't talk much since
the form processing was pretty fast.


Malaysia : Malaysian people are too busy body, but bertempat. Yaaa, pada tempat
yang tak sepatutnya..kehkeh. This issue doesn't need to be elaborated
la. We all know too well the examples and whatnot. Issue perkauman lagi
satu, hok melayu, hok cina, hok india. Dok pusing pi mai pi mai tang tu
je laa.

US : We were basically free to do anything. If suddenly we hampar a newspaper on a sidewalk, nobody will sekodeng or starring at us. Even while wearing tudung, I actually didn't feel discriminated at all; even though I had been harassed twice by a crazy Mexican lady and a drunken trucker. As far as I am concerned, crazy Mexicans and truckers are not normal people so no point raising an issue here.

I am not trying to say weih, look. Malaysia is a bad country tak bleh dijadikan contoh langsung. Alahai,..no, no, jauh sekali la nak menderhaka pada tanah tumpah darahku ini. Maybe I just miss my life 5 years ago, cycling hopelessly from dorm to class everyday, browsing the internet to look for good recipes ( I even penah tengok resepi camne nak masak kari, memang hampagas betul time mula2 sampai US), walking around campus to snap for good pictures, having picnics with friends, knocking friends' door just to share their meal cause I don't have any, calling family back home and talked for hours, missing the good stuff in Malaysia, yup, missing things that I couldn't have while in the states. Obviously, the wheel keeps turning around.

I just realized that I treasured things when only they are gone.
Maybe I juuuuust love to miss something, like,.. missing if my specialty.
Bukankah rindu itu manis? (^-^)

posted by Hana' at 9/12/2006 08:24:00 AM |


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hamba Tidak Berdosa

Assalamualaykum wht,

Okey, here's the thing.
Everybody mesti ada something yang dia afraid of, kan..
Tak kire la, takut kat guru besar ke, cacing ke, harimau ke, badak sumbu ke, bangunan tinggi ke... yang penting benda tu menakutkan diri kita sampai kita tannak dekat ngan dia.
Takut nak kawen ngan takut nak sunat tu masuk muka surat lain.

Saya sangat takut pada lipas.
Banyak history ngan lipas nih. Contohnya time sekolah rendah dulu, sedang saya dengan penuh chomelnya berjalan di tengah koridar, terasa ada geli-geli dalam kain. Apa yang berlaku selepas itu tak dapat diceritakan atas sebab-sebab keselamatan kanak-kanak bawah umur baligh.


My By also afraid of something, which is normal as a human being..of course.
He's afraid of tikus/mak menti/cik ti.
(Saya tak paham la, nape kalau kita rasa ada tikus dalam rumah, kita tak boleh panggil dia tikus..tapi kena panggil nama lain, contohnya cik ti, mak menti, dan nama-nama yang sewaktu dengannya. Tikus tu pandai la pulak ye masuk lubang balik kalau orang tak sebut nama dia. Ridikulus!))

So, kalau ada case yang berkaitan dengan dua makhluk tersebut berlaku di mana-mana, I'll take care of the tikus, and he'll take care of the lipas.

One day,
By was sleeping quietely in the living room when suddenly he woke up and looked at me with a merajuk face. When I asked him why, he gently pinched my arm.
It turned out that the cik abang had a dream about me and a box.
In the dream, I brought him a box which sounded like 'citcitcit'...
Saya berlari mengejar beliau bersama-sama dengan kotak yang penuh dengan tikus yang chomel-chomel(to me, not to By obviously). (^-^)
By, hmmm...well, he pinched my arm ..

tak acii.................
hamba tidak bersalah!!!!!"

The culprit

posted by Hana' at 9/06/2006 01:08:00 PM |


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Saat-saat Bahagia

Assalamualaykum wht,

Dah masuk internet dah kat komputer.
Punyelah tergagap nak mintak permission dari boss untuk dapatkan internet.
Waahhh..bahagianya (^-^)

Maka bermulalah sesi ta'aruf dengan computer kotak ini secara lebih proaktif dan memberangsangkan.

posted by Hana' at 9/05/2006 02:52:00 PM |