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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mama's 1-Year Old Big Boy

As cliché as it may sound, time does fly in a blink as I see Nufayl grows up before my eyes. I consider my life's greatest achievement to successfully breastfeed Nufayl with 100% of my own breast milk, and it goes beyond my other achievements and awards received from my schools or listed in the Dean's List for almost every semester or even doing well at work. As a working mother who TRAVELS A LOT, I have swam through the hardship of maintaining consistency in this field. Time, cost, energy... it takes all to provide the best for my child. I've brought Nufayl flew with me to Labuan and Miri, together with my mom to babysit Nufayl, in addition to Johor, Kerteh and Gurun for my business trips. To spend thousands of dollars on traveling cost just to make sure that I can still breastfeed Nufayl seems to be a justifiable thing to do. Kopak sikit aaa, tapi takpe :p. I also had my share on sleepless nights to express my milk in order for Nufayl to have enough milk at the nursery. After all, it is his undeniable right to been supplied by his mother's milk for at least 2 years. Another 1 year to go....hhmmm...and to think that my EBM stored in the freezer has decreased from 60 bottles to 12 bottles makes me stressed already...aaargghhh....

Nufayl will turn 1 as of 25 April 2009 and coincides with my department's Kelab Keluarga Bowling Tournament at Mid Valley. I was thinking to buy a cake and distribute it among the staff but I don't think the management of the bowling place will allow that..hehe.. Imagine how messy the place will be :p

I'm more than happy to see his development from day to day. It brings us laughter and joy and definately the best thing Allah has given to us as His amanah.

1. Nufayl is a friendly little guy. Other older kinds (about 2-5 years old) at the nursery loves him very much and even when he started to develop a fever at the nursery and was been placed in his cot, other kids would still gather around the cot and transfer their toys into the cot for Nufayl to play with. Even when I come to pick him up from the nursery, the kids know that I'm Nufay's mother and yell 'Nufayl? Nufayl kat dalam tengah tido !!'. Comeyy giler bebudak nih...

2. Will wave back to everyone who wave at him. Tapi paling tak tahan kalau Nufayl babai dari dalam cot waktu mama kat dalam toilet. Sebab Nufayl akan nangis kalau tak nampak mama, mama akan bukak pintu toilet kalau nak ambik wudhu' ke atau buat le pape yang patut. Dia akan babai la mama dari masa mama masuk toilet sampai la mama keluar toilet.

3. Understand what is 'hot' and 'cold'. When I'm eating something cold and say to him that it's cold, he'll voluntarily touch the bowl/container with his PALM. When I serve him his solid food, I'll say 'Hot, Nufayl. This is hot'. He will slowly touch the bowl with his FINGERS and sometimes only his jari telunjuk sticks out. :p

4. Will nod his head when we ask a question. Will also shake his head saying 'no' mostly when he is too full after gulping 2 bowls of food. No wonder he is a bam-bam boy.

5. Excellent imitator. Understand and know that the tv and the air-cond remote controller controls those items, respectively. He will pick those remotes and point at the tv/air-cond, konon nak bukak la tu. Will gelek-gelek with his arms to imitate some else's punya gelek-gelek.

6. Will clap his hands if someone says 'tepuk Nufayl tepuk...' and 'pandai...'.

7. Very attached to a caterpillar toy aka his bantal busuk. My concern, he will put his fingers AUTOMATICALLY upon seeing his 'Wormy'. NEVER been separated from Wormy for more than 30 minutes. So I have to buy another Wormy because that worm needs to be washed weekly. Terbang lagi 60 hinggit. Nufayl loves to gentel his Wormy's red nose and sucks it, of course. So Wormy's red nose is always wet ALL THE TIME.

8. Nufayl ni rezeki murah, bersesuaian dengan nama Nufayl yang bermaksud hadiah/pemberian. Menarik hadiah/rezeki betul la Nufayl ni. Even his money from his savings account can buy a decent laptop. There was one time, we stopped by a keropok lekor stall and bought things worth RM 20. When we paid the money to the tokeh, the tokeh pulled out his drawer, retrieved RM 10 and gave it to Nufayl. Another time was when we was eating at a restaurant, an old man suddenly gave RM 2 to Nufayl. I'm really impressed on how other people can be nice to strangers. It really makes me want to become a better person myself.

9. Is already eating his feet!! Is it time for a little baby sister/brother? I hope it's not to soon...heheh. Mama baru nak tangkap nafas ni Nufayl :p

10. There was no fancy birthday party or anything for Nufayl's big day of turning 1-year old. I was pretty surprised that Aunty Mak, our neighbor who lives next to our house, gave Nufayl a birthday present. Ingat dia birthday Nufayl, kitorang takde plak heboh2. Mungkin sebab pagi2, my hubby akan bawak Nufayl sembang2 ngan Aunty Mak sebelum pergi kerja..hehe. So, what we did was bought a nice Mango cake, and shared it with our neighbors. Potong-potong, lepas tu bagi je kat jiran-jiran sebelah rumah. Niat kira sedeqah la. Mini kenduri kesyukuran..hehehe...

11. Birthday present for Nufayl... we took Nufayl to the National Zoo!! It was a present of memory and experience...kehkehkeh... Malang sekali hujan pulak lepas tu..tak dapat nak berpoya-poya lama-lama. Lepas tu kitorang pergi terus ke PWTC, hari terakhir untuk Book Fair. I bought Zain Bikha's 'Allah Knows'. Fall in love instantly. Have been playing the cd at my office continuously. Until now I keep playing 'My Mom Is Amazing' in my head... Best gile ahh ding-dong!

Untuk Nufayl sayang, semoga anak bujang Mama ni membesar dengan sihat, cerdik dan hensem...:p. Babah dan Mama doakan Nufayl sentiasa di bawah lindungan, kasih-sayang dan rahmat Yang Maha Esa. Dan seterusnya menjadi seorang scholar Islam yang berjasa bila besar nanti ye, insyaAllah :).

posted by Hana' at 4/24/2009 12:53:00 PM |