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Monday, April 16, 2007

Assalamualaykum wht,

Dreaamm...dream dream dream..

I dreamt about going back to the US the other night. The day before, the geng and I were busy shopping at pasar Labuan for chocolates and we bought like half of the shop orredi. The chocolates, which were supposed to be expensive in normal places, are so much cheaper in Labuan. And that made me think that no wonder I was SO fat when I was studying, the chocolates in the States are readily available at low prices. Lebih2 lagi kalau time holiday; the Halloween trick or treats, the Easter Bunny eggs, thanksgiving…!!!!

The first dream : I took a flight with so much hassle during the journey, badabumbam here and there, arrived at the university, visited some of the apartments, went to the library ( I think, it’s pretty impossible to describe accurately about a dream you know), and went back to Malaysia. I just had a day there and that was about it. (And I think I forgot my first intension of having this dream in the first place, to buy cheap chocolates :p)

The second dream : I saw 4 domes, each with different colors, with different background, but all for of them were lined up and they seemed like a post card with 4 beautiful buildings. And, it was Europe this time! I remembered the name of the place sounded with S at the front, or was it Scofield (too much of Prison Break, eah?).

Two of my best friends are going back to further their studies in Australia. And I, unfortunately had left behind my golden opportunity in last January.

I think, that’s why I was having those weird dreams about going abroad.

Was it regret, repeatedly coming to haunt my life unexpectedly?

Enough already with these kwep.

Moral of the story : jangan lupa baca doa sebelum tidur.

Opsss..wrong picture.

This is what I actually had in mind :p

I'm still so much in love with you By (^-^)

posted by Hana' at 4/16/2007 05:18:00 PM |


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Assalamualaykum wht,


Alhamdulillah, By and I managed to spring clean our house. (^-^)
We did the washing, sweeping, mopping..blablabla. habis satu botol vim baru beli. I was quite surprised to see how much dust had been mounted here and there; belakang tv, cecelah gambar, atas peti ais...

It felt great :)

now..everybody dipersilakan datang ke rumah saya.. he heh.

posted by Hana' at 4/15/2007 10:06:00 PM |


Saturday, April 14, 2007


Banyak Keghoje La Pulak

It was long ago since the last time I stopped in the middle of my busy walk just to breathe and smell the flower. It was not an exaggeration to say that my good weekends are long overdue. Sometimes, I even had to work/outstation on Saturday and Sunday, and I am sorry to say that By had to wait for me to come back home around 8 pm during the weekdays.

Important things that I really need to do :

1) Visit mak lang’s house in Wangsa Maju (only 15 minutes drive from Gombak and the last time we went there was 2 months back)

2) Visit Kak Elle and Zul J’s house in Gombak (only 10 minutes drive from my house, and I just knew that last week)

3) Visit hani and her baby Ulfah in Nilai (tatau bile nak pegi nih)

4) Spring clean my house (gosok baik punye, langsir dah berapa bulan tak tuko nih..muahaha)

5) Invite Zaido and the geng to my house for a dinner (long overdue dah ni kan…but after the spring cleaning thing of course..nyeheh)

6) Invite my SMKA friends around KL for a dinner (also long overdue)

7) Have lunch with Ainul (she had asked me like 10 times already, and each time she called or I called her, we were nowhere near each other, isn't that weird?)

8) Balik kampong

9) Lose 10 pounds

10) Pray for world peace :p

Then, came today, a free Saturday.

We had a ride to Sungai Pisang, spent about an hour kecepuh kecepah kat situ. Went back home but not before buying hot goring pisang, air tebu and cendol. :) . I sure can get used to this enjoying weekend.

In about an hour, we will be heading to a PC Fair at KLCC. Main intension : buy a new graphic card for By’s PC, which, I broke a few weeks ago. And that made me remember that I broke down his speakers a few months back... :(

Hmmm....I wonder what’s up with me and breaking down By’s techno gadgets.

Owwh wait,

did I mention when I'm gonna do my list...?

Note to myself: Better do the list above before May.

posted by Hana' at 4/14/2007 04:28:00 PM |


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Assalamualaykum wht,


The office had a restructuring system on the layout of the floor.
Previously, there were only 10 of us and everything was quite, peaceful and scary sometimes.

we have 58 people sharing the same floor with us. I am located at the center of the floor where everyone uses the path in front of my cubicle to go back and forth.
And suddenly my life seems to become fuller, noisier and …happier.. :)

New friends,
New responsibilities,
New working environment…

New people sharing our toilets,
New people eating at the pantry,
New and more people stopping by to say hello,
New people asking for a favor or get asked for a favor,
New people to gossip around, nyeheheh….

p/s: Dulu floor kitorang nih berantu…maklumlah, tingkat tinggi sangat. Now I think all the hantu had run away sebab banyak sangat manusia mengacau ketenteraman depa.. :p

posted by Hana' at 4/03/2007 01:30:00 PM |