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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bila Tuhan tak ditakuti, macam-macam boleh terjadi

Assalamualaykum wht,

I borrowed the sentence from one of Aeman's songs, couldn't recall the title though since that one little sentence is the only thing I can remember out of the whole song. Thanks to my long term memory lost. :p
* Well, by the way, I don't think the title will make a perfect match for the following contents, so just bear with me...really appreciate it.

The whole Muslim world is talking, commentating, condemning, and let's not forget the ones who are supporting this silly idea of the equalization of women in the Jumaah Prayer. Muslim WakeUp is a group of people who tried to 'pioneer' the way Muslims think by defining a principle, or an 'ibadah using their own made up vocabularies. They are the ones who think that hugging Jews is Muslims small contribution to which they fundamentally against guilt by association, as an affirmation of common humanity. The original idea was true, but their delivery was somewhat misleading people to the wrong idea. One of them commented: "hey,i would like to hug that gush shalom gal. what do i have to do? be happy to go to israel---moms jewish--handsome, rich,young race car driver, give her my e-mail, lets get productive here."

I remembered way back then when I was in SMKAJB, the tabligh education was moving aggressively 'underground', reaching out those 'bebudak kecik' in Form 1 and 2. Mysteriously, the flow of the tabligh method of da'wah only moved around boys. So, you can see SMKJB's boys were among the very very 'alim manusia, while the majority of the girls were, what my Ustazah Zaharah would call, 'out of control'. The reason was, when you're doing da'wah, you can't make contact with other women except your mother and your sisters.
And there was another case where this little boy didn't want to listen or speak to his teacher, and he won't even want the teacher to teach him in his class, for the teacher was a woman. This is what I call, "belajar tak habes". We just learnt a new idea, we felt thrilled, and we started to make up everything related to that idea with our own mind and enthusiasm, while we are unaware that the learning process of the idea had only began.

www.muslimwakeup.com is the organization that supported the idea of letting Dr. Amina Wadud to become the first imamah of the Jummah Prayer in the history of the world. When I opened the link 10 minutes ago, somebody has done a very good job of hacking the website, but then I just checked the website again, and it is already backed on. The central idea is the gender equality. They want equality, and they need it desperately. They are essentially accentuating "This Luminous Path of Islam Cannot Be Dominated by One Gender". Not enough with crazy ideas, these people even asked where did Allah say that a woman cannot lead a Jummah prayer? *sighhh....

From Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Surah An-Nisa'(34)says that "Men are the protectors and maintainers of women", meaning, the man is responsible for the woman, and he is her maintainer, caretaker and leader who disciplines her if she deviates.

"because Allah has made one of them to excel the other" meaning, because men excel over women and are better than them for certain tasks. This is why prophethood was exclusive of men, as well as other important positions of leadership.

" But men have a degree (of responsibility) over them."

Based on kitab muta'al-badrin (http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6163/solat.html), which is the standard text book used in most schools in Malaysia, it is stated that in a jemaah prayer, "Imam lelaki tidak mengikut imam perempuan.". When I emailed the owner of the website, Iraz Syamil Mohd Zahari, asking about the resource of his writing, he included his own comment regarding the issue. "Argument saya ialah rukun solat jumaat kena ada khutbah, dan salah satu syarat sah khutbah ialah lelaki. hukum dan perdebatan secara mendalam perihal topik ni khususnya saya sendiri belum terjumpa, dan tak teringat la pula kalau ada dalam kitab muta'albadrin tu. cari la kitab tu, who knows maybe ada penerangan lanjut. sumber lain yang bagus, pada saya, ialah kitab imam ghazali dan tafsir qur'an hamka."

Islam has been created in the most beautiful and perfect way. I'm a woman and I happen to have nothing to hold opposing views from the way women are assigned to be. I'm happy with the fact that a man is the caretaker of the family, taking care of me and my children, one day..of course. I'm happy with the fact that if I do something wrong, but my father or my husband doesn't correct my wrongdoings, than, he's the one who will be punished. I'm hapy with the fact that I don't have those burden and responsibilities of providing food, and a place to call home to my family. I'm happy with the fact that in order to enter Jannah, all I have to do are performing solah, fasting in the month of Ramadhan, and obey my husband and wallaa!!!!, I just got myself a pass to enter the paradise. With these specialties and exceptionalities, I never thought that women need to be equal to men, because indeed, women are already more than equal to men.

posted by Hana' at 3/22/2005 07:11:00 AM |