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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm still unemployed ;p

Assalamualaykum and a very good day to all of you,
hopefully your life is full with iman and taqwa,
cherished by the ones who play important roles in your life.

Alhamdulillah, I'm still unemployed ;p
I only started looking for jobs at the end of February, after spending the first two months of the year berpoya-poya. By and I had a road trip for our honeymoon: we started from Tanjung Malim --> Kuala Lumpur --> Kuantan --> Kuala Terengganu --> Cherating --> Kota Bharu --> Rantau Panjang (near Thailand's boarder) --> Alor Setar --> Pulau Langkawi --> Penang. It was pretty much like a road trip we had in the US, except that it was only the two of us rather than a whole dozen of people. And since Malaysia doesn't have Mapquest yet, what we did was printing out the road of Peninsula Malaysia from JKR and figured our roads out by looking at little road numbers that I didn't know exist before. Well, if you really, I mean...really, look at a normal sign kat tepi jalan, you'll see a tiny number before a place like 3 Kampung Pasir. Than, we had to find a number 3 road by looking at lamp posts or tiny signposts that are high as my knee. It wasn't as easy as looking at Mapquest or the Road Map of America, but it was a very inspiring experience.

I already went to two interviews, and some of my interviewers were pretty 'impressive' by my married status. In fact, I think the 'attractiveness' of being married was one of the reasons why I was rejected by Bank *****. This company, which is totally owned by Malays, had 3 stages of interview; the first one was a 30-minutes interview, the second one was a 45 minutes session and the final stage will involve a meeting with the datuk managing director. I had been recommended for the second session after 10 minutes interview in my first session, and of course I said nothing about my married status since they didn't ask. ;p . Well, the second session didn't go very well after I revealed that I'm married (well, terkantoi..). One of the interviewer even had the courage to ask me personally at the end of the session with "Ehmm...sekarang ni dah kawen...ada pape tak ni?". He was referring to my pregnancy status la pulak, which I think has no relevance with the interview.

My other interview went pretty smooth, I guess...
This well established company didn't really put any emphasis on my married status. All they wanted to know was my capabilities in handling problems, my expertise in discussing current issue, well.. things like that. Things that matter. They didn't even have 'Tell me about yourself' session.

I had a conversation about this 'married vs single' stuff with a friends of my who's already in his mid 30s. He was an interviewer once and he supports a notion that most, not all, most, of Malay companies seek for pempuan yang 'menggeliat' (his exact term) when they're hiring, especially when the job involves many interactions with the datuk-datuk. He shared his experience dealing with a malay minister, who said something like "Diorang (referring to woman employers yang menggeliat nih) semangat tak semangat kerja itu nombor dua, yang penting aku kerja nak kena semangat". The situation isn't the same with olang-olang Cina. If you can work well, you'll be hired regardless of your status. Sometimes, these people prefer married candidates since they think a married man/woman tends to be more responsible since he/she has a family to support, not mentioning about maturity, and blablabla lagi. Hmmm..I wonder why this thing always happens...

Well, lets check out other things that matter in our world:

1. According to Reader's Digest, when a survey was handed to 400 people in 9 Asian countries, they have voted that the top irritations of Asia are bad drivers, followed by queue-jumpers. [ I would vote for 'bad customer service' as my top list that drives me crazy ]

2. Marylyn Monroe was in love with JFK and it has been said that she committed suicide when the White House sent her warnings about the matter. [ by the way, Jackie, JFK' wife, was a babe ]

3. A king cobra is a type of snake that eats other snakes. [ We may say that this species is a Hannibal ]

4. Solah/Prayer is actually a doa/prayer. So, berdoa in the solah itself is more preferable than berdoa after solah. [ For example, berdoa dalam sujud. Bukan tak bole langsung berdoa after solah, bole buat tapi jangan buat selalu..nanti jadi adat plak. Doa dalam solah lagi best ]

5. Even though Taksin was no longer the president of Thailand, his wife says ' You're Still My Man'. [ Well, that's just sweet ]

6. Maulidur Rasul would be on Tuesday next week, the 11th of April. [ Which means a cuti to most Malaysian ]

7. Even though you love your husband or wife or parents more than anything in this world, you still have to love Rasulullah more than you love them. [ Which means that, hmmm...you figure it out by yourself laah ]


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