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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Soccer and My Life

Assalamualaykum wht,

By has always been a soccer fan, (or a football fan, as we call it in Malaysia). He knows every player, their individual moves, even their characteristics and lifestyles. He clicks soccernet.com every five minutes or calls his buddy to check on the scores, if he's not in front of the TV or the computer. By and my brother, Ammar, get along so well because they always have something to talk about--> soccer. That's his passion and I do respect it very much.

However, I am no soccer fan. Yeah...I know some players yang glamer2; David Beckam, Michele Owen, Ronaldo...cukuplah syarat untuk memenuhi general knowledge about soccer. I have never in my life watched a game from the start until the last 90th minute. I just don't have enough kesabaran to wait for a ball kicked or headed into the goal. The screaming part--> GOAL !!!! is inevitable so I have no problem enjoying it with the rest of the soccer fans.

Things were about to change when one of By's buddies asked him to watch a game together in Hartamas. Watching a game with buddies at a mamak stall with a big screen is heaven. It was the most crucial game of this year's EPL since it would determine whether Chelsea will win or not; Chelsea was going to fight against Man U. Unluckily, he couldn't come and enjoy the crowd as much as he wanted to.

After hearing the conversation between him and his buddy, I came to him and said, "I'll be your new soccer buddy, I'll watch the whole game with you, I'll even cheer for the team that fights against yours so that the game will be more interesting!!", Wooohh, that sounded funny to me even as I was saying it.

When the game started, I really didn't have an idea of what I am supposed to do. By is a forever Man U fan, so I inevitably was cheering for Chelsea. After 4 minutes staring at the screen in silence, I bluntly cheered "Chelsea, Chelsea..!!!" (the rhythm was exactly as I heard once or twice on tv). The next minute, Chelsea scored its first goal. By couldn't believe his eyes, and I couldn't stop my cheers.

That 90 minutes was a blast. I couldn't stop giggling at Park Ji-sung, which was always seemed to stumble sesuka hati dia even though tade orang pun tengah tackle his move. Dia rajin kejar bola although I think he plays funny. By couldn't believe even Makelele sesuka hati mengejar Park dan menyiku si Park instead of mengejar bola. Rooney seemed to be the only one fighting against Chelsea, and when he got injured...even Chelsea's fans were heart-broken as it was not concerning the game anymore, it was about the greater deal, it was about the World Cup. Mourinho looked too control macho as a manager, he is a good strategy maker but I don't really salute his early celebration before the game was over, yolah..Rooney pun dah out of the game. By did the most unbelievable thing I have never imagined.. for the first time, he temporarily switched his loyalty to Chelsea during the second 45 minutes. For the first time, he was really despaired by Man U's performance, ..man...that was cweezyyy.

I have started to involve soccer into my world, since soccer is a part of By's world. Soccer will have to do a lot with my life especially next month. Yes, the World Cup is approaching ladies.. We already invited Ammar to berkampung at my house since we don't have Astro in kampong Penang. Ammar told me weeks ago that he was asked untuk membacakan Yasin di Majlis Sukan Negara untuk kemenangan MyTeam. He told me Fareez wasn't a part of the team before the episode was shown on tv.

I know the sport really pretty well by now; the rules, some of the great players and how they behave on the field. I have a good sifu teaching me patiently.
I asked By, "Why the Malaysian players are not as good as the European players?"
He said, "That question was long asked right after Mokhtar Dahari died, and nobody really knows the answer".

I would say Ronaldinho is my favorite at this moment . He has skills that won't make my eyes blinking. By said it's also because of his cool, clean personalities that make people fall in love with him. Allah has created his face with a very unique gigi style that makes him looks like he's always smiling. I couldn't agree more. ^-^

posted by Hana' at 5/14/2006 02:52:00 PM |