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Saturday, August 19, 2006

A mother that always makes me cry...

Assalamualaykum wht,

I still remember...

1) When I was 10 years old, I promised my mother to wash her car and she would then give me some 'upah' in return. That was actually how I earned my pocket money. I decided to eat first in front of the tv before continuing with the washing. Out of nowhere, my mother suddenly came to me and without saying a word, she pinched my ears. I looked at her, clueless. Little did I know that our maid had already started washing the car thinking that she was doing me a favor, while on the other hand my mother assumed that I ordered the maid to perform my job then dengan sesuka hati mentekedarah the upah. I put down my plate, stomped outside, grabbed the washing bucket from the maid's hand, and started brushing a tire...while crying.

2) I was in my secondary school, spending half of my precious teenage life in a school hostel when one Sunday morning came. The night before, my mother planned to came and pick me up at 8 am for a day away from the hostel. I normally called her several times if she was late even for 15 minutes, but that day I decided to be a good girl and demonstrated a little patience. So I sit at the corner of my bed and waited, and waited and waited until it was nearly 1 pm. And she finally came. I was very happy when I saw her face, feeling the wait was paid off. Then I asked a question that I should have not ask. I asked why she didn't come earlier. My mother said that she was actually at a store that was only 5 minutes away from the school since the morning. But since I didn't call like I usually did, she came at 1 pm. When the car stopped and my mother came out of the car, I crawled to the back seat to hide my crying face.

And I still remember...

3) During one of my school years, my mother promised me that I can ask for anything if I were in the final exam's top 3. I worked my butt off during that year and at the end of the day I came to my mother asking for what she had promised earlier. I asked for a tv. It had been too long since I saw a tv in the house after the previous one was broken. My mother smiled, but there was a frowned on my father's face. I didn't exactly remember what he said but I definitely remember running back to my room and crying in front of the make up table. I already knew I wasn't going to get what I had longed for. My mother came into the room, and she hugged me....gently told me not to worry about my father. She said she would be going out for a while and asked me to wait for her. 2 hours later, she came back with a brown, heavy box and off course, I cried again.

4) Planning a wedding in Malaysia within a month wouldn't be a real thing if it was not for my mother. She transferred everything from scratch to perfection. From mesyuarat kenduri kampong, hantaran, baju kawen, khemah, makanan, bilik pengantin, make up...everything. With the assistance of my father, of course. Both of them even gave me all the mas kawen and duit hantaran. They said that I and By needed it more for the new family. And I just couldn't ask for a better parent.

My mother's design for bilik pengantin.

Even though they were tired after the wedding day, they still had the energy to make their own cakes for the night. Could see my mother's tired face clearly.

My father was working on the finishing. 2 fruit cocktail cakes, and they were yummy, no kidding.

5) By and I are planning to move from Tanjung Malim to KL since By said that he kesian pada adindanya kena travel everyday Tanjung Malim - KL - Tanjung Malim. I didn't mind though. But, when I voiced out the plan to my mother, she came out with a very surprising idea. She wanted to sponsor RM*** every month for the rent, saying that she and my father will be traveling a lot to KL and will most likely use my house as their 'hotel'. And when my father heard about it, he said, "Laa..awat sikit sangat, bagi la RM*** ke..". Even though it sounds appealing, it still doesn't sound right.

* And even though I am married and no longer their responsibility, still, they treat me like their little girl. And there is no reason for me to treat, and love them like they way I treated and loved them before. Or even better.

A mother that always make me cry...

posted by Hana' at 8/19/2006 12:16:00 AM |