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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Assalamualaykum wht wbt,

Muhammad Nufayl - 25 April 2008 @ 11.59 am

A long due entry. However, it seems inevitable not to write about it. :)


I checked-in into the hospital at 11 pm on 24 April. By that time, my contractions came every 5 minutes and the pain became more intense. I was already 1 cm opened. At this point of time, there was no way I can possibly update my blog..hehehe..

Unfortunately, there was no single room available. I had no other choice but to share a room with a lady who just had a c-sec delivery earlier that day. Her husband was eating nasik bungkus when we came in and the nurse said nothing to him even though husbands are not allowed to accompany their wives in a non single-bedded room. I was happy since it meant that By can also accompany me...nyenyenye... Tak dela nak meraung sorang2 tengah2 malam buta tu kan....

We practically spent the whole night doing, well...not-sleeping. :p. I was busy merekot ke kiri ke kanan while By was busy lending his hands and let them been squeezed by me. I had no idea contractions were that painful. By 3 am, we buzzed the nursed asking for pain killer. Yee..saya memang tak tahan sakit, harap maklum. . The fact was, I already cried that night due the pain..hohoho. I never had any period cramps, gastric or what-not, alhamdulillah..therefore, I have never experienced any severe pain in my whole life. Therefore, if someone says that giving birth's pain is just like a bad menstrual cramp, I may not agree with that :p.

I prayed Subuh with the worst condition ever. I asked for another pain killer at 7 am. The nurse hesitated since the pain killer was supposed to last after 6 hours but I already asked for another one within 4 hours. Memang dah tak tahan dah. Semua keazaman saya untuk taknnak melibatkan sebrang penggunaan drugs hancus begitu sahaja... Please give me anything...hahaha. The nurse said she needed to check my opening first before giving me the extra dose of drug. I sighed when she told me it was only 2 cm. A whole night of agony and I only open 1 cm...ayoyo. The nurse then told me to take a bath, have a light breakfast and they would send me to the labor room. They skipped the pain-killer.

I took my bath phase by phase. I only move between my contractions. When my contractions came, all I could do was to hold onto the handrail and tried to stay still as hard as I could. Dah macam nenek tua dah.

By 10 am, I was in the labor room, cloth changed. I asked for epidural. I was against it 12 hours earlier :p. I cannot imagine having to wait for another 8 cm to open with no drugs to distract me. I thought having an epidural was just as simple as an injection. However, it took a lot of time trying to position me into the correct position. Nak kena bend my body like a round shape la pulak. At that point of time, my awareness was not fully functioning. Dah la tengah tahan contractions but then kena duduk diam2 in bended position. After the epidural has been set-up and attached to my spinal cord, the nurse checked my opening again and 'Laa..dah fully opened!'. It was a surprise to everyone..hehehe. Even the doctor who set-up my epidural looked disappointed. He said that if he knew the opening would progress so fast, he won't do the procedure. Apparently, mak called earlier that morning and was surprised that my opening was only 2 cm after a night at the hospital. So before she departed from Penang to KL, she had asked tok and my brother Amir to make a solat hajat for me to expedite my delivery. Alhamdulillah, terima kasih untuk mereka yang mendoakan. Hanya Allah sahaja yang mampu membalasnya. .

The nurse had to assist me when to push since I couldn't feel the contractions --> epidural's effect . So, she put her hand on my stomach and told me to push when she felt a movement. Dr. Ariza came in only when my baby's head was 1/3 out to be seen.
The epidural took some time to take effect fully. Suddenly, I felt a sharp scissor cutting underneath. 'Adoii doctor, sakit' I yelled. Apparently, the epidural took some time to take effect and it had not effected the area yet. Dr. Ariza looked surprised too, she thought the epidural should play its role by then. However, she snipped me again for the second time. :p.

By was standing next to me all the time, during the pushing session. He only peeked to look at the baby's head once. Pastu dia dah tak sanggup dah tengok..hahah. I also found out later that he cried a little during the delivery. :p My hero...

I took me about 20 pushes ( I didn't count anyway) to completely deliver a 3.27 kg baby at 11.59 am. The nurse put him immediately on my chest and told me to hold him with a plastic cover. Only Allah knows my feeling at that time, all I managed to say was Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. She then took him away to clean and measure him. Dr. Ariza still was not done with me. She needed to stitch me and due to the fact that the epidural still didn't take effect, she gas me. My vision was blurry and I was in my own world. The sound of By's voice awaken me when he was holding the baby for azan and iqamah at a corner of the room. Then, I was out again.

The nurse woke me up with a little baby by my side. I was still feeling dizzy. The baby began his first feed. And what a smart boy he was, he latched on me perfectly :). After a few minutes, the nurse took him away to the nursery for his first bath. By accompanied me for a while and headed to the mosque for Juma'ah prayer right after.


I'll write about our new life with the little one. May take a while though before it's published. :)

posted by Hana' at 5/13/2008 05:21:00 PM |