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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Assalamualaykum wht,

Ramadhan Kareem

Hope it's not to late to wish Ramadhan Kareem to you. How time flies, it's already the 16th day of Ramadhan and yet I do feel that I'm still not up to the challenge and grab the ripe and rich opportunities that only come once a year.

Many things happened in the past couple of months that I have to make myself justice and put them here as reminiscences when I grow old and wrinkly.

1. I lost 2 of my close relatives. My Mak Lang passed away silently in her sleep on the day I was scheduled to deliver Nufayl. Had Nufayl were born that day, there would be mixed emotions for many of us. And Allah, the greatest planner of all, presented Nufayl to us 3 days after she died. My pak njang followed his sister on 12 September, crossing the fine line between dunya and akhirat while he was sleeping too. There will be less laughter anticipated during Raya this year, since they were the ropes that binded our family together.

2. I was out-stationed last month, needed to attend a few meetings in Kerteh and Gebeng for a week. At first I was worried and tried to figure out a plan on how to bring Nufayl with me during the 6-day trip because I'm still exclusively breastfeeding him. Of course the daddy did offer to take care of the baby but the mommy didn't think that she can be separated from her baby that long. Finally, my mother-in-law saved the day by accompanying us. By stayed home since he had to work. So, the 3 of us traveled by car. My mother-in-law baby-sat Nufayl during the day with my EBM stock and I nurse Nufayl directly at night. Alhamdulillah, everyone was happy :). Next trip, Labuan. Since traveling by car is a no-no, I'm wondering how things will be during the trip. The main concerns are my EBM stock (need to keep them frozen all the way to Labuan) and how many bags we will have to bring. :p (Tak menang tangan makcik nak dukung baby dengan disangkuti oleh bag-bag lagi).

3. Updates on Nufayl, who's currently 4-month and 3-week old, with 7.6 kg and 63.5 cm:

- Still not eating/drinking anything else except his mommy's milk. Oh, such achievement.. I feel goooooddd. (It's not easy to breastfeed exclusively, lebih2 lagi for working mothers; I have to drag my heavy breast pump turun naik lrt yang sesesak sardin itu setaip hari. Tapi sekarang dah tukar strategy, tinggal je pump kat opis. Malam malas pump kat rumah). And I think I'll wait until he's at least 6-month old before introducing him solid food.

- Will booo layan bottle if I'm around. There was 1 time when I just did my pumping for milk stocking and Nufayl suddenly became hungry. I put my EBM into the bottle and tried to feed him but he rejected it. He just nibbled the bottle's nipple. Even when I asked By to feed him using the bottle, he refused again. However, he'll take the bottle if I'm not in the house; By can feed him without much fuss when I'm at work, and the nursery does not complain anything about it.

- Learned how to laugh mengekek-ngekek. When his mood is good, just say 1 word and he'll make a big laugh. And he's definately rich with smiles.

- In the makan-tangan, hisap-jari phase. Sometimes he tries to squeeze his whole hand into his mouth and sometimes he just picks a finger and suck it heavenly. Old folks say that this kind of baby is the 'good' one, since the baby can find his own way to soothe himself/herself. True enough, we rarely hear Nufayl cries. Even at night when he's hungry, he only makes 'eeh,ahh' sounds then put his finger in his mouth. Very dangerous for me. Anak lapar pun tak sedar. Plus By is worried that his finger will become kecut... heheh. I just hope that this habit will cease when he's a little older.

- The not-so-good news is Nufayl develops bronchitis. We went to his paed and he was even considered to be hospitalized. But I think his condition is not so bad that he needs to be admitted. Kesian tengok dia asyik batuk-batuk sampai merah muka. Currently, I'll stick to the Ventolin first and we'll see how he progresses. To change nursery, hmmmm.. I have no idea on any nursery which is better than this one in terms of cleanliness and facilities for the kids. But yesterday By caught Nufayl slept with only his upper body on the mattress. His lower body terjulur keluar kat atas lantai. Mana la anak aku tu tak sejuk dan batuk2. Nak marah nursery pun satu hal, kena berpada-pada jugak. Kalau silap cakap, makin teruk pulak anak kita dia jaga nanti. Wallahu'alam, we don't know what happens when we are not around. Tawakkal tu 'alallah. But I think I'll have a word with the nursery today.

* Will upload Nufayl's recent pictures soon. Dah muka bapak dia dah (^-^).

posted by Hana' at 8/24/2008 11:15:00 AM |